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Jean Michel

Our Story

” The process to materializing a beautifully crafted scarf starts in a beautifully crafted lens”

Jean Michel takes countless photographs, capturing nature in its many phases and dances. He sees the natural world around him with a fresh eye, turning something as simple and ordinary seeming as the glass wall of a building or a mountain-lake scene into modern art by being attentive to reflections and distortions that happen within the subject’s authentic state.

From these images, Jean Michel chooses only a select few that are suited to become a timeless statement piece to be worn with prestige. These photographs are printed as is, altered only in the slight to adjust the image to the fabric, as to preserve and respect the beautiful forms, reflections, and structures born from nature itself. From the elected pictures, Jean Michel creates a scarf motif, most often through making a mosaic of the original photo. The pattern is now ready for fabric.

The process of judging the correct color for the fabric is the most difficult. With computer generated colors, one can automatically intensify the hue to sit well with the style of fabric. It is much more complex when using photographs. The tones have to be picked out and paired after the desired photograph is chosen, not simply matched with a color before-hand- unlike drawing from scratch.

The fabrics vary, but are consistently one of three materials: silk, cashmere (note: cotton?) and satin (note: satin is polyester), with the addition of (note: canvas) polyester for the printed tote bags. All fabrics are among the finest crafted in the world. Designed to flow elegantly on a model, the scarves sublimely compliment the organic figure of a human. The delicate textures are woven to pamper the skin with their exquisite and comfortable softness.

The scarves are printed on in Bali, then shipped to Jakarta, Indonesia- the buzzing capital city- to complete the process. In Jakarta, a city boasting its business wit and entertainment industry, the hems of the scarves are sewn with precision with no thread left behind. Following its completion, the crafts are sent to Canada, ready for final sale.

Our end-products are sold online globally, as well as through private sale events and exhibitions in Calgary, Alberta. Influences Creations also participates in the Jakarta’s foreign community bazaars of Australian New Zealand Association and British Women Association.

These products are lovingly crafted in the tropical land of Indonesia and well-cared for until they are placed in your hands, ready to adorn your outfit or style your home with a unique element of modern art.


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