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Jean Michel


 Jean Michel, The Artist

Bringing unique and natural designs to your everyday life is at the heart of Jean Michel’s philosophy.

 Jean Michel’s inspiration comes from our planet’s beauty, as an infinite source of colours and patterns surrounding us, reshaped by light and reflections. While this conceptual beauty can be easily overlooked in our busy lives, Jean Michel tracks it with an infinite patience, carving his unique designs through multiple demanding processes.

 There is always art beyond art itself and his brand these images allowing anyone to experience time-less beauty. While positioning his work in the great tradition of the French modern art painters, Jean Michel enriches the concept of wearable abstract art with a modern twist, enabling his customers to liven up their daily look.

 Jean Michel is originally from France but is now living in Canada. His pieces are lovely and are made in Canada, France and Indonesia to be distributed internationally. 


Jean Michel’s previous photo exhibitions

Date Location Exhibition Theme Exhibition Name
November 16, 2016 Canada/Calgary (AB) Impressionism Impressionism in Canada
November 25, 2015 Canada/Calgary (AB) Design With Nature Design With Nature
November 13, 2014 Canada/Calgary (AB) Appearances Appearances
June 24, 2013 France/Saint Cloud (92) Canada “Cap Ouest”
November 15, 2012 Canada/Calgary (AB) Landscape Corners “Landscape Corners”
November 24, 2011 Canada/Calgary (AB) Tower Reflections “Reflections on Calgary”
November 25, 2010 Canada/Calgary (AB) Tower Reflections “Reflexions sur la Defense”
April 5, 2008 Bolivia/La Paz Reflections “Reflejos”
March 29, 2008 Bolivia/Santa Cruz Reflections “Reflejos”
December 21, 2007 France/Boulogne sur Seine 50 years “Danse la Vie”
December 1, 2007 Venezuela/Caracas Reflections “Reflejos”
December 1, 2007  France/Tours Water Reflections “La Photo, Art de la Memoire”
June 5, 2007 Chine/Pekin Reflections “Reflets”
May 4, 2007 France/Paris La Défense Water Reflections “Water Creations”
February 10, 2007 France/Gouvieux (80) Water Reflections in Beaubourg “Inventions d’un regard”
February 1, 2007 France/Bordeaux Water Reflections “Cas d’eau”
September 16, 2006  France/Marseille Water Reflections  “Cas d’eau”
October 6, 2005 France/Paris la Défense Reflections “Impressions Numériques”
June 6, 2002 Venezuela/Caracas  Paintings and Photographs “Encuentros”


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