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Jean Michel

The Process

Sharing Magical Places through Wearable Art

” The process of designing wearable art begins with a camera lens and a love of sharing nature’s beauty”

– Jean Michel Gires

Designed in Canada

While Jean-Michel Gires captures nature’s beauty from across the world, he designs his By Jean Michel wearable art pieces in Canada. Based in Calgary, Alberta, Jean-Michel tells the story of magical places in their many phases, capturing their beauty in countless photographs. With his fresh eye, he transforms something as simple and ordinary as a glass wall or a mountain lake into modern art, catching their authentic reflections and distortions of light.

From these images, Jean Michel chooses only a select few suited to become timeless statement pieces, to be worn with prestige. These images are printed as is, altered only slightly to adjust the image to the fabric, and preserve and respect the beautiful forms, reflections, and structures born from nature itself.

With each image, Jean Michel creates a story through a mosaic or a kaleidoscope of the original photo. With the pattern ready, it is then prepared for printing. Transposing nature’s colors onto fabric can be tricky, often involving up to seven different stages to ensure a quality print, but this is an essential part for transforming By Jean Michel’s images into wearable art.

In addition to selecting the right colors, we also print on natural fabrics only, typically silk or viscose, to support our theme of inspired by nature’s magical places. The delicate textures of these fabrics pamper your skin, while flowing elegantly in a way that showcases your piece of wearable art.


Printed Internationally

All By Jean Michel products are lovingly designed in Canada, but crafted with care across the world.

  • Long Silk Scarves: First printed in beautiful Bali and then shipped to the buzzing capital of Jakarta to complete the hems, each long scarf is infused with the personality of each place – the love in Bali and the entertainment of Jakarta.
  • Square Scarves: We print our square silk scarves in Lyon, France, bringing the history of the square scarf – which originated in Lyon – into your piece of wearable art.
  • Leggings: Just as our wearable art pieces are all designed in Canada, we also print our leggings in Montreal, Quebec, adding the vibrancy and energy of this city into your wearable piece of art.

Whatever piece you wear, you’ll discover both the beauty of Jean Michel’s images and the tale of each country it’s crafted in. Once completed, all wearable art pieces are sent back to Canada and become ready for purchase.


Sold Globally

All our wearable art end-products are sold online globally, as well as through private sale events and exhibitions in Western Canada.



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