lovre-lights-scarf-by-jean-michel-gires-silklouvre-lights-scarf-by-jean-michel-gires-silk-scarfFinalLouvre01Louvre Lights France Original Photo

Louvre Lights, France – Square Scarf

  • Dimension : 48.8″ x 48.8″ / 124 x 124 cm
  • Materiel : 100% Silk Twill / Soie Twill

CAD $200.00

WOOCS 1.1.7

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Louvre Lights, France – Square Scarf

This stunning design captures the architectural magnificence of the Louvre Pyramid in Paris, France. It transforms the regular perception of the Louvre in a kaleidoscope of elegance. Its simple use of its colors and shapes makes this piece a ravishing finishing piece for any look.


Lumières du Louvre, France – Carré

Cet étonnant  design capture la beauté architecturale de la pyramide du Louvre à Paris (France). Elle transforme la régularité du bâtiment en un élégant kaléidoscope. L’utilisation simple de ses couleurs et de ses formes complétera à merveille votre tenue.


Every design and image has been carefully captured through the lens of Jean Michel. The moments caught in his reflections are transformed into unique artworks and bring natural beauty into your life. More about Jean Michel


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