SSW 1818 – Dress Sky
SSW 1818 – Dress SkyDesert Blanc

Dress Sky

  • 100% Polyester (Hygiet Korea)

Made in Canada / Fabriqué au Canada

Make up courtesy by Nicky Speer from World Town Cosmetics

CAD $238.00

WOOCS 1.1.7

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White Desert, Egypt 

The gorgeous mixture of white sands and blue rocks creates a dramatic flow of elegance. The patterns closely resemble the textile ones in the Maghreb region, or the Delft Faience in the Netherlands.


Désert Blanc, Egypte 

Le mélange superbe des sables blancs et des roches bleues fait de ce carré un pièce d’une rare élégance. Les motifs rappellent étrangement certains textiles du Maghreb, ou bien la porcelaine hollandaise de Delft.







Every design and image has been carefully captured through the lens of Jean Michel. The moments caught in his reflections are transformed into unique artworks and bring natural beauty into your life. More about Jean Michel


RETURN POLICY: since this is an artwork, no refund is accepted.