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A Reflection of Nature’s Art


Discover inspiring spaces and unique stories captured by the lens of Calgary photographer Jean-Michel Gires. Enjoy our Canadian-Designed Silk Scarves, Silk Pocket Squares & Leggings—transforming light and reflections, adding more unique beauty to your life. 


Our Philosophy 

“The Process Of Designing Wearable Art Begins With a Camera Lens and a Love Of Sharing Nature’s Beauty”

Jean-Michel Gires


Whirlpools of Colour Silk Long Scarf—Paris, France


Exclusive Artwork

Each Piece Has a Unique Story Behind It

Each of the items we design tells the tale of the magical place that inspired Jean-Michel. When you wear a By Jean Michel piece, you wear more than a silk scarf or a pair of leggings. You wear a piece of art, meant to captivate and connect, while sharing the story of nature’s space.

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Discover Our Silk Square Scarves

Made from the finest silk and lovingly crafted by artisans in France

Discover Our Silk Long Scarves

Made from the finest silk crinkle and lovingly crafted by artisans in Indonesia

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Our Inspiration

Transforming Landscape Photography into Beautiful Wearable Art

Inspired by Earth’s natural beauty, the infinite colours and patterns around us, and the interplay of light and reflection, Jean-Michel captures conceptual beauty in digital images. Using these images, he then breathes new life into silk scarves, pocket squares and leggings by artistically transposing his art onto these silk fabrics in various ways. The end result: beautiful wearable art that makes a statement.

While Jean-Michel Gires captures nature’s beauty from across the world, he designs his By Jean Michel wearable art scarves, pocket squares and leggings in Canada.

Jean-Michel Gires Photographing Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

Jean-Michel Gires Photographing Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

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Recent Praise

Kind Words About ‘Jean Michel’

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 “I love how Silk enhances my designs—recovering the light and shine that the originals have in Nature.”

—Jean-Michel Gires


Calgary Showroom

Discover our Wall of Scarves

Our Wall of Scarves is located in our Calgary Showroom at 537–23 Avenue SW.

Open Wednesday evenings from 6 – 9pm or exclusively by Appointment during Summer time. Please check our Events page to choose your date and RSVP.

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Our Latest Fashion Show

Jean Michel’s 2019 Collection Launch Party


Jean Michel hosted a launch party showcasing their new 2019 collection of Silk Scarves and Silk Dresses on November 14, 2018 at the Devonian Gardens in Calgary, Canada—

(featuring our best seller Lake Louise Silk Square Scarf)

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Designed in Canada
Printed Internationally
Worn by You