Jean Michel—The Artist


Transforming Photography into Beautiful Wearable Art

Traveler, story teller, modern art photographer, impressionist lover – this is Jean-Michel Gires. Inspired by his own travels of seeing magical places, Jean-Michel brings unique and natural designs to your everyday life through his wearable art fashion collections.

Inspired by Earth’s natural beauty, the infinite colours and patterns around us, and the interplay of light and reflection, Jean-Michel captures conceptual beauty in digital images. Using these images, he then breathes new life into silk scarves, leggings, kimonos, and other fashion pieces by artistically transposing his art onto these pieces. The end result: beautiful wearable art that makes a statement.

Influenced by the great tradition of French modern art painters, Jean-Michel looks to enrich the impressionist art experience with a twist for the modern art lover. Using an artistic eye and infinite patience, Jean-Michel is carving his space in the fashion world, pioneering his wearable art for those who want a truly unique fashion statement piece.

Jean MIchel Gires—Photographer of 20 years and creator of Jean Michel—Wearable Art From Places You Love


More than Fashion, but an Artistic Expression

Each piece has a unique story behind it, telling the tale of the magical place that inspired Jean-Michel’s art. When you wear a By Jean Michel piece, you wear more than a scarf or a pair of leggings. You wear a piece of art, meant to captivate and connect, while sharing the story of nature’s space.

Prior to creating his first wearable art collection in November 2015, Jean Michel has featured his photography in exhibits across the world, including Canada, France, Bolivia, Venezuela, and China, for nearly two decades.

Originally from France, Jean-Michel now calls Canada home.

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