By Jean Michel 2018 Collection Launch Party

On November 14, 2018, Jean-Michel launched his 4th collection entitled “Dream Trips” at the Devonian Gardens in Calgary, Alberta.

It was a beautiful and successful event attended by 200 guests. During the evening, Erin Fergusson (fashion stylist) was there to show us how to wear the scarves. She also choreographed the fashion show for this 2018/2019 collection.

The party featured a performance by Olga & David entitled “Dance with the Lake Louise Scarf". It was a dream for Jean-Michel to see his scarf dance in the air—Olga & David made his dreams come true as they had choreographed a special dance for this event. The fashion show ended the night on a high note.

Credits: Models from Klass Models, Make-up by Nicki – World Town Cosmetics, Hair by Leah.


November 14, 2018 —By Jean Michel Launch Party at the Devonian Gardens, Calgary, Canada.

At the 2018 launch party, Olya and Joseph from Dando Dance performed a dance with scarf choreographed by themselves. Olya was wearing Lake Louise Silk Scarf and David was dancing with Giant Ferns Colombia silk scarf.

Jean Michel had a launching party for 2018-2019 new collection on Nov 14, 2018 at Devonian Gardens in Calgary, Canada. It showed case the new collection of Silk Scarves and Silk Dresses.